ITS601AN: 4-Camera ANPR processing platform for multi lane ITS applications

The AXIOMA AX601 ANPR unit is a multiprocessor platform for automated license plate recognition applications. The AX601 product offers an optimized, high performance hardware architecture for the Intrada ANPR Software Environment of Dacolian BV, member of the Q-Free Group. The Intrada ANPR library is used by many leading companies in Intelligent Traffic Systems for law-enforcement equipment, traffic analysis and traffic management systems.


  • multi-core processor solution in dedicated architecture
  • acquires max 4 ANPR or CVBS analog video inputs
  • full Intrada ANPR recognize on 3600 frames/hour/camera
  • separate I/O processor to off-load ANPR engine for encrypted communication and storage processing
  • local storage on gigabyte flash disk without moving parts
  • extended wireless support via on-board GPRS/EDGE/UMTS HSDPA modem
  • on-board GPS module support
  • virtual private network (VPN) over wireless link is supported
  • industrial operating temperature range