ITS101DI: Stand alone ANPR solution for parking and access control

The AXIOMA ITS101 ANPR set is an embedded solution for intelligent access control applications. The ITS101 product offers an optimized, best performance hardware architecture for the Intrada ANPR Parking Software of Dacolian BV, member of the Q-Free Group. The Intrada ANPR library is used by many leading companies in Intelligent Traffic Systems for law-enforcement equipment, traffic analysis and traffic management systems.


  • embedded ANPR solution inclusive IR camera
  • range of capture 4.5-7.5 meter (14-24 feet)
  • sensor resolution 750*480 pixels
  • Generic Intrada Parking ANPR engine
  • stop and go solution
  • stand alone or network enabled solution
  • white/black list of numberplates supported
  • LED function indicators
  • relay controlled outputs
  • LAN communications
  • 12 VDC, camera power over link
  • IP67 (both camera and unit)
  • inclusive 101 Viewer software
  • operating temperature -20/+55 dgr C

The ITS101 ANPR solution is the real answer for state of the art, value performance intelligent parking and access control applications, including car parks, gates communities, factories, corporate facilities schools and colleges.

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